Monday, June 23, 2008

Heavy, heavy weekend. If you are going to be a sad piece of poo, because a part of your life has failed, phone the troops, get out there and surround yourself with mates. Well, my mates were happy to have this guinea pig to throw around for the W/end. We started out in Jozi Friday night, with me going to Masters of Dirt Freestyle motocross show, it was work, but insane to watch, it was great to see so many peeps wearing and consuming the product which I work for, SO STOKED. But there are some freaks you attend these things!!

Masters of Dirt is a freestyle Motor cross event and basically is lunatics jumping their motor bikes & BMX bikes and breaking their bones. It was craassseee with the world’s best freestyle motor cross riders going absolutely dilly, crazy Pyrotechnics, hot slutty looking stripper type chicks acting like sex crazed lesbo’s hamming up the crowd, Bmx Riders, Freestyle Motocross Riders, Minibike Freestyle Riders, Quad Flippers. It was really interesting seeing all these moto/petrol head fans wanting to swamp the riders and pit sluts, I was in red-neckville and it was a cool retarded but different experience! These guys were like rock-stars!!!

Then the next day, pack up and hit Forest's 30th, we took Notties pub down to china town. I gloriously gorged myself on booze, fun, chin wagged my tongue dry with all mates that I haven’t seen in Yonks on yonks. Boys will be boys and a fight broke out, I was not involved I was too inebriated to care, but I went to go and lend a limp hand. All I found was both sides of fighting warriors weeping, the bouncer had sprayed pepper spray in all the guys’ eyes. They were all crying and holding on to each other, whilst swinging for the fence, hoping to connect anything. I promptly tried to push over these bent over weeping men, like a sleeping sheep/cow pushing over fest, I managed 2 or 3 before I had the bouncer chasing me with his gay pepper spray.

Needless to say, I felt like I had licked up all the club floor mix the next day, the drive back, I was crooning like a wounded buffalo! AAGGHHH, but well worth it.


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