Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a cool pic

So life is slooowwwllly going back to normal, I heard that ex-GF had phoned MiZZ B and they banged their gums about me, the conclusion was that ex-GF decided that she too was being psychotic, and would leave me to be for a while.

Whilst that being a moral victory for the mean time, it is SO weird being single, I don’t quite know what to do with myself? I can do the following:

Stay out as long as I want
Speak to whomever I want
Act like a complete moron
Make massive faux paus, and not get chastised like a petulant child
Make cool Mohawks in the shower
Read without being interrupted
Watch sport all night long - On that point, I was on telly last night...that’s right biatches, I am famous!

So I can do all the above, but don’t do any (well few), FUCK IT, I should break out and be the bad boy...buuut can bring myself to it. So I am putting my head down at graft and hoping that will bring me some degree of mental solace.

Fuck, have I changed. Maybe turning 30 in a couple weeks has something to do with the fact, that I have no need to go on a man whoring rampage. But more than that, is that the relationship that I have just exited, actually meant something, and that it not working has hurt.

Life goes on, though. That’s for fucken' sure!



DT said...

Hey - welcome back! I have just caught up with your blog - sorry about the break up! Sounds really hectic!

Sunrise Chip n' Cheez said...

Hey dt, yeah, it has been farking shite, and it consumed my entire being. I just want to respect it, not hurt her or myself and move on. Its so crap, I just want to get over it! This whole relationship thing is tough!! time to chill a bit.