Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Room with a view!

What a beeyoootifil long weekend, the trip down to J-Bay, was fun filled with spectacular weather, walks on the beach, finding special shells, long dinners and everything cotchIness that you would find on cheesy dating sites. It was really cool, and one that I hope to do again.

If you ever go to J-Bay stay at a place called Beach Music (www.beachmusic.co.za), we had this balcony that overlooked Supertubes, so we were mesmerized by watching perfect waves and blue seas all day, whilst chilling reading mags and chatting about shite...! We had our own en suite b/room, although shared a communal kitchen, but was a huge score cuase we got to interact with a heap of international tourists. We met one couple from Ireland (Peas I get what you were saying about the accent, too cool!), we banged our gums away long into the night about SA/Ireland/Surfing etc.

It was an idyllic w/end break, although there was an undercurrent of politness and going through the motions, and a fight was always bubbling, for what reason I dunno'?

Then last night, bang it happened, another insignificant issue, BALLOONS into a fight fest of epic proportions.

A nasty spill to end a great weekend, the staw has broken this camels back...


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