Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poo on life, remember the good times...

What I hope to be doing...
With great delight I have been reading Pea's blog, I have not felt inspired in any way to contribute to my blog, let alone my life. Not saying that I don’t care, or have loser syndrome, I have just been pouring so m much energy into my new job (3 months into it) and starting my relationship AGAIN (its going...), and seeing family and mates, that I honestly have piss all time for myself.

The older you get the more responsibilities are piled on your shoulders, although don’t you get that feeling that you still are a kid, and that the feeling of being overwhelmed to the sense of nausea feels like you are being strangled, YET we always get through it. Freaking life, I love it, and yet work damn hard to enjoy it...what they say is taking the breaks to enjoy are so important to make you realize what all the shit that we go through is for.

That being said, GF and I are off (well I taking, no dragging) to J-Bay for the long w/end. I will surf to my hearts content, whilst I have rented a villa (hippy happy villa) that overlooks the surf break, for GF to read, and for us to be quite and play board games and swing in a hammock. I sincerely hope for our relationships sake that it ends up being as romantic as it sounds...cause every fucking time we get in a car for a long journey or go away we end up fighting like bitches for some insignificant issue...touché'

I hope we make love like dynamite going off in tight spaces, I hope that the waves are cooking (bru!!), and I hope we don’t fight (if we, this will truly be the last straw - and I tires of talking about the last straw!!)

So essentially I am SO looking forward to this w/end in SURF paradise, and it makes all the other life shit melt away for the short while.

I will write often for my HUGE readership of 2 (including me)


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