Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have been away for weeks and now on Friday I have to go to Mauritius and Reunion for a tortuous 2 weeks of work :)

I have been so down about where I am going, I am not enjoying my colleagues at work, they all seem so superficial and the backstabbing type, one person in particular is such a bitch, arrogant and evasive and makes everything so difficult, I have tried to get along, but something tells me that she actually enjoys making life difficult, she gets off on it. To be honest it has drained me, I have tried not to care, but I just don’t want to work with people like this. I am thinking of thinking about leaving.

The whole ex episode has really also beaten me down, I was in CT about a week or so ago, and had a whoppa of a night with clients etc; I wake up to 10 messages on my phone. Crap balls I think someone/something bad has happened, I grab the phone listen to the messaged to hear garbled/crying noises on all, I decipher what is kind off going on: My ex is accusing me (through tears) that I didn’t defend her honor at a braai, someone talked bad about her and I didn’t say anything to that person. I didn’t even hear her name brought up the entire braai, let alone have a chance to defend her good name.

I put the phone down, with a bemused expression on my face, to find that the phone is ringing again (unknown number), I pick up, expecting a work call, its a lawyer, wanting to instruct me that my ex had opened up a case of defermation of character, for not defending her at the braai, WTF!!!!! I was on the phone for 30min to the lawyer, who I enlightened that this is a joke of a case, she agreed in the end. WTF, WTF WTF!!! Can I say that enough... the craziness of how my ex is reacting confirms that we should be over. This whole thing has numbed me!

I am stressed to the hilt! I was at my Mom's last night, I had to stay there as she is off to Spain for a vac (luck you MUM), and she complained about my Dad and his Floozie, and money, and life...I actually had to stop her and ask to not carry on as my brain could not take/contain any more problems or worries, I used to be the most happy go lucky guy, that part of me feels like its slipping away.

I need to get it back, I need me back, I need to laugh more, I need a break...



DT said...

Urg - she is obviously trying to get a hellva reaction from you! Why do these things always get so damn ugly? I swear I am getting put off by relationships more and more every day. It just screws with your head and your pride and we all end up emotional wrecks!
BUT you are going to Mauritius - lucky man - don't worry you will be riding the waves and laughing and having a blast in no time!!

Sunrise said...

shitballs I shat myself when the lawyer was explaining it all, I was so mad, so mad! But, yeah, she wants a response, I want to move on. It hurts me too, but I dont go dilly...

Anyhoo, so looking forward to Reunion and Mauritius, I am staying on Tamerin Bay one of the best Surf spots, surfing in the morning and working in the arvo. Stoked!

Thing of me DT, I will have a pineapple cocktail for you :)