Friday, September 26, 2008

Me surfing that big day in, got this today from a random oke.

Thank FUCK its Friday, shit balls, today has crawled like queing for a new ID book in sweltering dirtbin heat. Gawd I am over my job, mindless, passionless and cheap. Time to start making the big bucks, so my thinking of thinking of leaving, has turned to when and how to leave. Lets see what comes of this, I am thinking of starting my own thing, its the only way to make serious money, and have freedom of choice. Yes, yes, gulp.

My ex has totally freaked me the fuck out, since THE INCIDENT, I dont want to be in a social setting for fear of total fucking meltdown, crabsticks, she has gone dilly as crack addict in a downtown bar with no needles!

At least its the weekend, at least, phew.


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