Friday, September 19, 2008

I was told to write 5 things about South Africa that I love, I dont think its what you want to hear though:

1) When i was in Australie for an extended stay, the thing that drove me MAD was the homogenous culture an thinking of the masses, I love our originality, the patchwork of cultures and all the craziness the ensues when they clash or get mixed, good, bad and ugly moments of cultures clashing has made this country what it is. Will Zuma, be the good, the bad or the ugly?

2)Lifestyle, gawd, I have it great in Dirtbin, I wake up at 5:30, head down to the beach, surf it up for an hour, have some breakfast & coffee, whilst chatting to mates and then off to work, where else in the world can you do this?

3)Corny as a Ouma Rusk, but I dig the Sharks (rugby), its so cool to hang out pre & after the game tailgating on the outside fields of Kingspark stadium, getting sot faced and shooting the breeze with your mates, awesome!

4)Roots, my family have grown up in KZN, farmed the land, for four generations, you cant beat that. There is so much history, I really dont feel like being forced to live somewhere else.

5)SA woman, you are classy, elegent and beautiful, not scared to get a little dirty, we share common accents, you understand South Africanism's, are. I would like to marry a SAFFA Lass and be very happy chappy one day.

Well, enough of that, i have had a shit week at work, and I am not sure that I want to be in the position that I am. Thus I am off to CT for an exciting little weekend, who know's.

Have a cracker w/end, DT you porno fluffy feet chocoholic have a smashing one!!


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