Monday, September 29, 2008

Another pic from the same huge session I spoke about last week, from another angle, and another photographer. Cool huh!

Huge weekend, huge! I feel like dismembered muti victim, my liver has been soaked in the hard tack, owch! Friday night myself and a troop of mates went to check out a new club in Durbs, Clapham Grand.

One thing that makes us Durbanites stand apart from the rest of the world is that we are such lemmings, one chappy pretty much owns all the night spots in Durbs, and he uses tried and tested formula for packin' em in and, getting them hammered and kicking them out the door to get some new livers to fuck up through the door. HAH, I didn’t fall for it, by the age of 30; I have mastered the art of seeing through the veneer of marketing bollocks. The queue for the new joint was 200m long, moving as fast as the police to break in (about 0.00003km per hour). Although the site of so many boobs wrapped in next to damn nothing, kept me waiting for longer than I should have, eventually I had the shits and went back to Billy the Bums, the usual haunt to get buggered up on great conversation, asphyxiating crowds and more tightly wrapped up boobs. I only found out the next day that half the crowd I was hanging with was high as bloody bats on coke. Snort away fuckers, but I had the best time with nothing but a headful of Jack Daniels, coke might have been cheaper in the long run, but I don’t condone that shit!

Saturday was surfing in the morning and getting dolled up for a mates 30th, thank goodness he is a mature 30 year old, so we had a great braai with soda (too scared to say coke), couple of beers and once again some good laughs. I also saw my old school mate Trav and his beautiful wife; he is the happiest sod out. He knocked up his then girlfriend in the early 2002, married her under major threats from her Afrikaans family, she stood by him, and 2 kids later, 1 more on the way, and working night and day to provide they are the happiest people I know. Go that was super, gave me something to hope for. I then went home and watched the worst DVD in the world "Meet the spartans" must have been made in an alternate universe where only vegetative state minds live, oh wait, that’s all the kids of middle America! What shit!!!!

Sunday, shitballs Sunday, surfed and then played a hilarious day of 80's drinking tennis, where I got so shitfaced whilst swing a cat gut racket around, and funny I am only remembering this now, but a girl playing lost her top whilst executing a perfect forehand, hell steath, its a record weekend for boobs! Hooray! We all congregated at the posh Umhlanga Rocks bar (Elements) for the wrap up and lucky draw in our 80's lumo tennis garb, to I shit you not, Brad Pitt sitting at the bar...I thought it was a joke, but pukka as nuts it was the dude! Huh, he must be here adopting kids or something humanitarian.

Today is Monday and congrats to DT( who got a new job, check out her words of joy! ( I still cant do that link thing in a word, I dunno, just dunno)



DT said...

Thanks Sweetheart! I think I am going to send you some print screens!!

Sunrise said...

What the hell is a print screen, some kind of sexy net thing???