Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So its been a bit slow my side, just killing time until I finish up my current employment. Dont you wish that when you resign you could just walk out, have a break re-energize before the next challenge.

So from next week, I am going to be in a little log cabin (next to a dam), learing the tricks of the timber trade, I cant wait. This is a massive opportunity to really become financially and time flexible. This is what I have been working towards (arnt we all).

So last night I had the most disturbing dream, where you wake up in the midst of an anxiety attack, thinking that its all real, I shat myself!

I dreamt that my ex called and said that she is 3 weeks preggers with my child, I decide that I will marry her for the sake of the child, only to figure out after the marriage that it couldnt be mine becuase I have been with Pharo for 6 months, so there is no way the shild is mine, I try an institute divorce proceedings but find that I cannot and I am stuck. Its the stuck part that sent me into a delerious anxiety, waking up trying to figure out if its real. Hell, I hate that, wonder if I should read into any of that shite?

Crazy days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with everything Sunrise! I hope you come back with many stories to tell!

The said...

what happened, please give us an update! :)