Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hell its tough getting back into the work vibe, the political correctness of it all, the social ballet, the hours, the hierarchy...yadda yadda, blah. What’s so cool is that I don’t give a shit; I resigned first day back, and just need to handover and rock the fuck out of here, yeah! Still the hour’s drrraaaaaggggg on, huh....

Now, I have had another high after resigning (I know, how the fuck can you get higher), I got delivery of my new fuck big Van, it’s huge and can ride over shit. But it’s also huge and I can’t get into parkings, ha aha, hilarious! It’s going to take me time to get used to this beautiful beast of burden. Pharo reckons chick are going to be dropping there panties when I cruise past, in my 4 wheels of justice, Taxi's are going to drop their oil boxes at the site of me about to ram them off the road, aggh can life get sweeter (maybe if my work nemesis grew a wort on her face)?

That being said, shit, I just read The Blond Blogshells blog, and the poor custard pudding is going through the worst thing ever, breakup. I have had 3 or 4 mates break up over the Xmas/Summer period, Shitballs I feel for this peeps, its stressful that stuff, killa actually, not only dealing with work, life, money, now you gotta deal with part of your closest friend/lover/support system leaving you. So please a thought for BB and my mates that are going through this, cause I know all about it!

Keep rocking in a free world.



po said...

Love this post, what is this huge van for? Apart from charming chicks?

Sunrise said...

Its absolutely gratuitous (3lt Ford Ranger Supercab), its just cool, I have always wanted one. I am in the position to afford it now, and well thats that. Just one chick is allowed to put her toosh in it. Freak its awesome and big, my old jam jar was a smaller hatch back. So it probably feels a lot bigger than it actually is.