Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cant you just wait for Prez Obie One to hit the big time!

Friday night the delectable Pharo and I joined Marky Mark and Dork for a Cinema Nuevo flik at Gateway, now this is a hellava uncharacteristic thing for a Friday night, although due to the cash strapped nature of the this month, it’s the best we could do. Better than a kick in the teeth… We saw “Burn after reading”, now I enjoy a good arty movie, but this, woooa, was way out, was it a comedy, social satire, or just fucked up violence, those Cohen Bro’s must do some trippy liquid acid.

Saturday I slept through my first heat of KZN surfing champs, how, I have no freaking idea…it would dawn on me through a sordid little moment whilst rushing to the loo turtle necking whilst grinding my teeth, clinching with all my might. I got the dreaded tummy bug, I was so shattered after my bog time, and my second heat (which I won ) that I had to pull out of the competition, because my guts didn’t agree with me…timing or was it the Cohen brothers?

I went home and let Pharo hit the jol, I slept from 6pm – 9am on Sunday morning, to admin deluxe, my damn ass garden hose had burst, FUCK, 1 x plumber on a Sunday = R1000. RAD!

Then I hit Sloth’s house in Ballito to take it easseee, on the couch whilst playing some play station, talk smack with some of the other mates that came around for a lazy Sunday arvo.

Sloth’s house is so rad, it’s like a chill spot for all our mates; you just pitch up, set up camp and shill. He has all the gizmos and personality to just let it roll (including a hellava lot of other rolling). What a guy, his wife is also the nicest person in the world, and he is a financial advisor, one of the best, go figure!

So to the tummy bug, setting up camp in my guts, get the fuck out!



po said...

I saw Burn After REAding. It was worth it for seeing Brad as a total geek.

Sunrise said...

Po, fair enough as a lady, for me, John Malkovich's thigh shot as he walks off the boat with the Axe was the clincher, what a beautiful sight!

Anonymous said...

Oh No - Stomach bugs are just such a bloody inconvenience! Hope u feel better soon!

Sunrise said...

Thanks DT, feeling better already.