Sunday, January 27, 2008


Important people in your life need to be taken seriously. The only thing is that the current socio-environment that pervades the SA landscape has caused tons of my mates to head to greener pastures, that being said my drinking team has diminished to a token few great white African booze guzzlers (and when we drink, we do so for the first team), it is also causing my GF a host of issues, because all her OBI ONE KONOBIES (friends) have headed away as well. As all men know, when the woman in your life is upset the man gets ALL the flak, and I mean all!

Thus I was consoling and making sure she was OK, and she is ok, we all have moments when we just need to be pissed off with shit! She just hates the fact that all her best gaggle of geese has flown the coup! That’s when I got the call from the last white boozers to hit up a game of poker, now as I hit the big 30, I have slowed down the intake of alcoholic substances, NOT SAT NIGHT BABY! I was stuck to the bottle whilst throwing chips down like a seasoned poker pig, slurring the night away, a beautiful sight...UNTIL, I puked. Puking is something that is so necessary, and that’s gets you back on that horse, of which I did, I stumbled out after poker girating my hips in the most hideous fashion, although at time I felt light on the foot and a flair in my arms, what an idiot I must have looked!

My GAWD did I feel like crap the next day, I lay next to the pool with GF, the tables had turned and she was the one doing the consoling, and canoodling, with: "awww you ok, would you like some juice" etc, I had reduced myself to a 10 year old invalid, and needed sun cream rubbed, food practically fed to me (no aeroplane noise needed though...). Where as last night I was the king. AGh a good w/end, I start gym this week, why do we torture ourselves!!! WHY!!!?

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