Friday, January 25, 2008


So instead of me punching a client/or yapping blonds/inneficient personall or whatever, I purge through talking to random people, I find this cheaper than paying for therapy, you also dont realise the amount of free info you get from the most random of people.

Todays Random:

I am having breaky at the Whip Me, scrambled eggs on toast (NICE!) and start chatting to a sweating mommy that is having a dilemma about her kid going to boarding school. Her precious little poopsie is getting buggered up by a perpetuating cycle of underage power mongers and early developing little monsters that thrive on beating the living shit out of weaker "little silver spoon up the bum" kids. This got me vomiting up a tirade of my own experiences of Boarding School (or shall we call it Hitler youth camp), she has all the right in the world to be sweating! I mean boarding school is the best and worst of the world.

Use the system to your advantage
Always book things in advance, eat when you are fed
Never embellish the truth (it will always came back and bite you)
Always share your tuck
You can never have to many friends
The putty ass cover thingy mibobby we made to put onto our bum cheeks, to make whippings totally painless (ha ha!!)

Getting whipped by an over zealous 50 year old woman - this was truly bizarre
Getting whipped by the donkey who would howl like a demented hog after finishing up - CRAZY!
Getting whipped by Zappy and co, who would wait a full 5 seconds before the next lick

So if you can handle physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse go to boarding school. Its good it sets you up for life and makes men of men, and turns good catholic school girls into raving nympho's at school socials.

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